Do you know there are a few types of sanitary bins?

There are different styles of sanitary bins used for a variety of purposes. Here are the three most common types of sanitary disposal bins and their key features:

Spruce Hygiene manual pedal sanitary bin

Pedal-operated sanitary bins

This allows the user to open the lid of the sanitary bin with their feet. It is totally a hand-free operation which means it is better for hygiene in a public setting. Users simply press their foot on the bin’s pedal, the lid pops up and they can simply chuck their waste in. This is bin can be used in a commercial setting with low-mid traffic. It is ideal for small businesses too.

Automatic sanitary bin

The automatic sanitary bin uses a motion sensor. The user simply has to use a gesture and the lid opens without the user having to touch the sanitary bin, a 100% contactless operation. This is probably the most hygienic variant of all sanitary bins because there is no contact bin surface that may contain germs and bacteria. Great high traffic areas and public bathrooms, you can fancy one at home.

Spruce Hygiene automatic sanitary bin

Lid sanitary bin with a disposal chute

This is the most basic and probably the cheapest of all sanitary bins. It has a lift-up lid that opens the disposal chute where a user can deposit their sanitary waste. While this mechanism prevents a user from seeing the inside of the sanitary bin and helps prevent unpleasant odours, it is still the most unsafe of all as it requires direct touching of the lid. However, this bin is well suited for personnel or family use. It is budget-friendly too.

The Australian government impose certain rules around sanitary hygiene for the commercial sector. No matter what size your business is, we can help you get your hygiene matters sorted.

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