Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser & Refill – 12 Months Plan – 12 Services


● Annual Subscription – 12 X Monthly Services per year.

● Refills are supplied free of charge.

● Pricing is per dispenser. You can add more to suit your requirement.

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We provide air freshener refill services for a wide range of commercial establishments in Melbourne. We continuously thrive to deliver timely services to spread fresh fragrance. Available in a variety of fragrances, we ensure to use superior quality air freshener that complies with the international quality standards.

The air freshener dispensers are refilled regularly, ensuring that they never run out of perfume and impress guests and visitors. From shopping malls, cafes, hospitals, hotels and restaurants to many commercial spaces, our air fresheners provide fresh air all over the place. Automatic air freshener dispensers are refilled by our specialists who carefully remove the cap and fill it with air freshener. Automatic air freshener works according to a preset time. It releases the encapsulated scent at a set time, which can be every minute, 10 minutes, 20 minutes or so, to eliminate bad odour & airborne bacteria.


 Monthly service- 12 services per year
1 -2 units$170+GST – per unit
3 – 5 units$160+GST – per unit
6 – 10 units$150 +GST – per unit

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1-2 Units, 3-5 Units, 6-10 Units