Is used sanitary disposal giving you a headache? We can help!

Professional Sanitary Disposal Services

At Spruce Hygiene, we want to make that time of the month a little easier for Melbourne women, offering a simple sanitary disposal solution whether you are at home or at work.

Say goodbye to fiddling with bin liners and washing and cleaning sanitary waste bins. Our sanitary units eliminate leaks and odours, keeping your bathroom clean and hygienic all month long.

Sustainable, low-cost, and environmentally friendly, our sanitary bin services are perfect for commercial and residential use. Plus, they improve your green footprint, too!

Sanitary Bins: Melbourne Customers Benefit

  • Free bins with no extra fees, just the subscription
  • Up-front pricing options to suit most businesses and homes
  • Flexible subscriptions. Easily upgrade or downgrade to suit your needs
  • On-time service guarantee
  • Emergency call-out service



We Use High-Quality Sanitary Bins

Designed by women for women, our sanitary units are available in a range of sizes and features. Our touchless automatic model works using advanced motion-sensor technology that automatically adapts to suit any lighting condition. We also offer a variety of manual options for those who require something simple yet effective at maintaining the highest hygiene standards.

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Affordable Sanitary Bin Services in Melbourne


At Spruce Hygiene, we are committed to providing Melbourne customers with the best quality products and servies at affordable prices. We line all of our bins with a biodegradable liner and scented absorption granules. Throw in some bactericide to help eliminate odours and bacteria through an advanced vapour action and you have the perfect sanitary bin solution!

High quality and stylish, our sanitary bins are small enough to fit next to most toilets. In addition, they have premium features that set them apart from competitors, including a modesty flap and extremely efficient granules. Contact us today to secure yours!

Not Sure What You Need? After Some Advice?

Talk to us about your situation, and we’ll find a solution to suit your needs.

Your Questions Answered

What is sanitary waste?

In general, sanitary waste refers to liquid or solid waste originating solely from humans and/or their activities. Sanitary waste includes menstrual waste, such as used panty liners, sanitary pads, and tampons, as well as used condoms, nappies, cotton buds, and bandages.

What is sanitary waste disposal?

Sanitary waste disposal is the process of discarding sanitary waste in a safe, hygienic, and environmentally friendly manner. As sanitary waste is a biohazard, it should ideally be handled by a registered professional service provider like us at Spruce Hygiene!

Are sanitary bins a legal requirement in Melbourne, Australia?

As outlined by Safe Work Australia, all Australian businesses are advised to provide appropriate facilities for the collection and disposal of sanitary waste. Read the Managing The Work Environment And Facilities — Code of Practice for more information.

Why do I need a sanitary bin in my home or place of work?

Apart from the legal “duty of care” to correctly and safely manage and dispose of waste on your premises, it is vital to create an environment where you, your customers, and staff feel comfortable, clean, and safe.

What can I put in sanitary bins?

Our bins are suitable for items like pads, napkins, tampons, panty-liners, nappies, diapers, condoms, cotton bandages and packaging. Simply place them in bathrooms and toilet cubicles for user convenience.

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