Scenting Services

Do you want to walk into a fresh-smelling washroom every time?

Spruce Hygiene specializes in scenting services. We offer air freshener, wall plug-ins, automatic air fresheners as well as installations and onsite refills services.

We at Spruce Hygiene pride ourselves on being able to find the perfect scent for your home or office. Our expert team is available and ready to help you select a scent that will get people excited and make them feel right at home! We offer a wide variety of scents and our goal is to always deliver high quality, affordable products and services. Whether it’s air freshener refills or new installations, we have what you need.

We will offer you the best possible experience through personalized attention and exceptional service. We’re here to help! Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to get started on your refills!

  • Keep your environment smelling nice all the time
  • We refill so you dont need to do anything
  • Easily upgradable and downgradable subscriptions
  • On-time service guarantee
  • Emergency call-out service

Scenting products 

When it comes to the range of products, we are one of the leading providers in Melbourne with the best quality products at affordable prices. We can offer you a wide variety of scents, air freshener refills and air freshener dispensers that will leave your office or home smelling great. We only use superior quality air fresheners and products that comply with the international quality standards.

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The air freshener dispensers are refilled on schedule, ensuring that they never run out of fragrance. From homes, shopping malls, cafes, kitchens, hospitals, hotels and restaurants to many other commercial spaces, we keep your air fresh and clean.

Not sure what you need? Need advice?

Tell us about your odour issue and we’ll help you.

Why do you need an air freshener?

The way your business or home smell is every bit as important as the way they look. A clean and fresh smelling washroom creates a good first impression of your environment and makes it a more pleasant experience for staff, customers and visitors.

How does it work with Spruce Hygiene?

After you place an order we contact you and work out what’s best for you. From that point forward, our trained Hygiene Service representatives provide full installation, maintenance and refills according to the scenting services plan you choose.

Do your air fresheners eliminate bad odour and kill bacteria?

Yes, our air fresheners neutralize bad odours and get rid of airborne bacteria.

How does an automatic air freshener work?

An automatic air freshener dispenser works according to a preset time. It releases the encapsulated scent at a set time, which is adjusted to suit your environment. Some example intervals are every minute, 10 minutes and 20 minutes.

How do you refill air fresheners?

Automatic air freshener dispensers are refilled by our specialists who carefully remove the cap and fill it with air freshener liquid. 

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