urinal Hygiene Services

Are you tired of dealing with the smell coming from your dirty urinals?

The irregular cleaning of urinals and lack of using proper hygiene products can result in filthy odour, build up, and unpleasant smell. We provide odour control and urinal hygiene solutions for restrooms all across Melbourne.

Our urinal hygiene services are guaranteed to eliminate foul odours and keep your restroom smelling fresh and clean at all times. We provide you with monthly services that take care of the cleaning and sanitising so that you don’t have to worry about it. Urinal mats can also be purchased for homes, stalls, single toilet facilities, or anywhere else you would like to put them.

We are available for free consultations to discuss your needs, make sure we’re a good fit for you and help you work out custom solutions based on those needs.

Benefits to you 

  • Keep your urinal clean & odour-free
  • Not just supplying, we'll replace it all for you
  • Easily upgradable and downgradable subscriptions
  • On-time service guarantee
  • Emergency call-out service

Our urinal mats

Our urinal mats are commercial grade products designed to protect floors in washrooms, gyms, and other public places from water, urine, and toilet bowl splash-back.  These mats are available in a wide range of colours, materials and designs to suit any application. We offer an easy urinal hygiene service option to suit most businesses.

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At Spruce Hygiene we are committed to providing the industrial grade products with all our urinal hygiene services for our customers. These affordable urinal mats fit over the drain or urinal and act as a net to catch debris such as cigarettes, paper and other waste while deodorising smells that may exist within. With the pleasant fragrances incorporated, these mats can keep the urinals fresh for up to 30 days.

Not sure what you need? Need advice?

Tell us about your urinal hygiene issue and we’ll help you.

What is urinal hygiene?

The build-up of scale, stains and uric salts in urinals result in malodours and poor hygiene. The term urinal hygiene refers to the practices to maintain a clean and hygienic urinal environment, through urinal hygiene services and products.

What is a urinal mat?

A urinal mat is a product designed to be laid inside urinals. These mats help prevent bacteria growth, control splashing and reduce damage from uric acid, plus they absorb odours to keep restrooms smelling fresh.

How long does a urinal mat last?

Urinal mats are designed to last approximately 30 days, but they may need to be replaced sooner depending on restroom traffic, typically with uses over 200 times a day.

What are the benefits of using a urinal mat?

It kills bacteria in urine which causes offensive odours while preventing splashing and clogging of the urinal bottle trap/drain.

How does a urinal mat stay in place?

The back of these mats is slip-resistant to adhere them to the surface.

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